NRG Racing

NRG Racing is a Colorado based racing team that is founded on more than a decade of racing experience, both professionally and at the club level. NRG Racing was formed to bring the professional level "arrive and drive" racing experience to our drivers. Our cars are prepared to be at the top of their class and are engineered for reliability, balance, and speed. Our development work never stops and we are always striving to give our drivers every advantage possible.

Our drivers are treated to a competitive team, experienced crew, and a team principle that wants your experience to be one that is intensly positive. We provide a great environment and comfortable surroundings that make the entire experience one of camaraderie, racing, learning, and adrenaline rush like no other. Whenever possible, we rent an AirBnB house to give our team a place to meet, go through data, share a meal, and tell war stories of the day.  Each car has three drivers splitting the driving duties for abour 7.5 hours of seat time. 

NRG Racing has been a competitor in World Racing League for 6 seasons, and like our cars, we have optimized our program to WRL. We have immersed ourselves in the rules, culture, and experience that WRL has brought to the racing world. When you join NRG Racing, you join one of the best teams in the series.


Castle Rock, CO


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