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The best way to get started is to login. If you don't have an account, its easy. You can login with Facebook or Google, or create your account with your name, email address, cell phone number, and a password. When you do that, your profile gets created where you can add your driving license information, change your picture, etc. This profile gets used by team owners to verify your account when you rent a seat from them.

Then you can start looking for a car to drive.

If you want to look at race tracks near you, you can look through tracks and see which ones have upcoming events at you could race at.

If you wanted to look at events, you can find events from multiple racing series and see which events have available seats to rent and drive.

If you're looking for a specific car or vehicle, you can go directly to seats and filter by make, model, series or racing class to find a car that works best for you.

Once you find the right fit, click Add to Cart and your seat will be added to your cart. You can checkout by clicking on the cart icon at the top of the page. Once there, you can check out and sign the contracts and waivers from the team renting the seat. Once that is complete, the team will receive the signed documents, review your reservation and, if it's approved, sign their portion of the contract. You will receive a completed document via email along with a payment link to pay for the seat. Once you have paid, get ready for race weekend! The team will contact you with further information regarding your seat.

Many team owners require some HPDE training and licensure before they will rent their car to drive, so usually having some training is necessary. Luckily, we have events and options for racing at series events that provide those training sessions and track time that qualifies towards those licenses. Some teams rent cars specifically for HPDE training so check out the events that include HPDE if you need to get that training in.

Welcome to Seat4Sale!

As a team owner, we're glad you're here!

To get your team account created, please click here and fill out the team setup form. We will get your team account set up with your user account, so please make sure you have a user account (sign up, or login with Facebook or Google) and then send us your team owner form. We will get it set up and send you an email so that you can post your information and start selling seats!

As our list of team owners, cars, and events grows we will be looking to implement a waitlist for seats and events as soons as we can. If you would like more information on that, please contact us

Our system allows you as a driver to sign the necessary waivers and contracts between you and the car owner. This speeds up the process for you and the owner by streamlining something that used to take days. Along with that, we've streamlined the payment process as well.

When the owner signs the contract, it allows you 24 hours to make your payment for the seat. By paying early, this gives the owner the ability to pay for necessary racing fees, take care of gas and tires and anything that would need to be done before race day to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

We want to make sure that you have the best race weekend possible, and this system allows the communication and payment process between car owner and driver to be easy and efficient.

We are currently working with our payment gateway and the team owners to iron out the refund policy and cancellation process. Your reservation will be cancelled if you do not make a payment in the 24 hour window after you receive your confirmation email. After you have made your payment, the refund is currently at the discretion of the team owner that you have rented the seat from. Please refer to their specific contract for their specific conditions.

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