Lime Rock Park - Car Control Clinic (10am-1)


Lime Rock Park
60 White Hollow Road
Lakeville, CT 06039
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Event Information

Sports Car Driving Association | HPDE

  • Open to all drivers. No experience necessary
  • NEWLY repaved surface on the entire Proving Grounds!
  • 10:00 to 1:00 Schedule is mostly track time (Arrive by 9:00)
  • Chalk talk to Start the day at 9:30am. 
  • In car instruction and radio coaching available
  • Wet Skid Pad gives drivers a chance to find the traction limit and balance the car at the limit
  • Autocross Track adds the challenge of braking and compound corners, putting the driver's new skills to the test
  • Muffled event with a 88db sound limit
  • Rental Spec Miatas are available for this event
  • Early-Bird Special: Save $30 by registering at least one month prior to the event.
  • Car Control Clinic Entry fee is $299 until 4/12/23.  Retail is $329

The SCDA Car Control Clinic will include a Chalk Talk, covering vehicle dynamics, oversteer, understeer, threshold braking, and most importantly, fine tuning your Car Control! The event will then quickly transition to both the Wet Skid Pad and Lime Rock's  Proving Ground full 1/2 mile Autocross track and then a combo of the Full AutoX and Skid pad for a 3/4 mile long track for extra level of challenge. 

This event is open to any driver 18 years of age or over (16-17 with parental waiver), NO prior track experience is needed. The event will be professionally staffed by the SCDA Instructor team. They will be available to work with you during the event to ensure some serious in car training, and of course a ton of fun pushing the limits, playing on the Skid Pad and Auto X tracks. 

The event is Limited to 24 Participants, providing Maximum Seat Time on both the Skid Pad and Auto X, as well as a very intimate Instructor to Student Ratio. Spots are extremely Limited for this SCDA Car Control Clinic; so if learning the limits of your car in a safe environment is what you are looking for, then this is the event for you! 

The SCDA Car Control Clinic is only $299 if you register at least one month prior to the event.  Retail is $329.

The SCDA Car Control Clinic event will take place from 10am- 1pm (please arrive by 9:00am)

Sound Restrictions: Please note that cars will need to be MUFFLED to 88dB at all Lime Rock Park track events unless otherwise expressed. Most cars with streel-legal exhaust systems will be under the 88dB sound limit.

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February 24, 2024


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