Lime Rock Park


Lime Rock Park
60 White Hollow Road
Lakeville, CT 06039
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Event Information

Sports Car Driving Association | HPDE

  • 4 Sessions on Track
  • Open to drivers of ALL skill levels
  • $40 Discount for Ferrari, Alfa Romero, Maserati and Fiat drivers
  • Muffled event with a 88db sound limit
  • Rental Spec Miatas are available for this event
  • Early-Bird Special: Save $30 by registering one month or more prior to the event
  • Lime Rock Park full day entry fee is $399 until 3/17/23
  • Novice entry fee is $599 and includes In car Instruction, Virtual Classroom, Corner Observers, Instructor Lead-Shadow upon request

Sound Restrictions: Please note that cars will need to be MUFFLED to 88dB at all Lime Rock Park track events unless otherwise expressed.

RUN GROUPS AVAILABLE on Monday, April 17:

  • NOVICE: The Green Group. (Newer track drivers with no experience to limited experience, typically novice drivers spend about 5 events in the novice group.  Instructors are required and will be provided for In car instruction.  If desired or uncomfortable with in-car instruction depending on COVID-19, lead shadow w/ radio communication is available )
  • INTERMEDIATE 1: The Blue Run Group. (Must have prior experience driving solo without an instructor, at least 5 events driving solo)
  • INTERMEDIATE 2: The White Run Group. (Must have considerable road course experience and at least 20 track events)
  • ADVANCED: The Red Run Group. (Highest level- years of track experience)- PASSING anywhere with a REQUIRED point-by.

Run Group Criteria: 

See the comprehensive Run Group Criteria here.  If you are unsure which group is the best fit, please email after registering.

Event Price:

SCDA Lime Rock Park event entry fees are $429 retail for a single day 

*Pay only $399 if you register before March 17th

SCDA Lime Rock Park NOVICE driver entry fees are $599 retail for a single day 

*Pay only $569 for Novice entries if you register before March 17th

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April 21, 2024


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Lakeville, CT

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