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Pacific Junction, IA

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Pacific Junction, IA

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About Raceway Park of the Midlands

Raceway Park of the Midlands (RPM) was created to be a national-level recreational driving facility designed to handle racecars, streetcars, motorcycles, karts, and police cars. Many tracks have the traditional layout with concrete walls, short run offs, minimal facilities, and low visibility for spectators. It seems that most tracks are packed full of concrete walls that only reward damage with the high possibility of personal loss. At these other tracks, nearly every weekend an unlucky driver would hit a wall. The safety truck would pull the car off course, and then the flocks of people gathered around to take pictures and everyone just hoped that they would be luckier, smarter or safer.

At RPM, we believe that tracks should be places to come together as a family and should have some modern day features as well. Onsite management is another key factor in making the facility a great success. RPM offers members barrier free driving and only minutes from the metro Omaha area.

Raceway Park of the Midlands started as a simple sketch when world-renowned track designer Alan Wilson was asked to take on the project. Mr. Wilson put the track on the map with utmost safety in mind. He created a driver friendly, yet challenging course that would take many laps to master. The finished product is 2.23 mile long racing circuit, a 40 foot wide polymer surface, with 15 turns of increasing radiuses, decreasing radiuses, long straights, ample passing zones, challenging switchbacks, and a flat out kink.

Completed April 2002. Raceway Park of the Midlands’ road course is a 2.23-mile gem. Mr. Wilson’s track had become a much sought after venue for many of the nation’s top motor sports organizations.

Alternative configuration, named “D-Curve”, completed September 2005. RPM’s short track configuration is 1.4-miles of fun. The kart community then had its own race track! D-Curve is a 40 foot wide flat-loop interior road that bisects the longest (2222’) straight. This gave karters the advantage of less wear and tear on their equipment. The car and bike racers are also able to enjoy a variety in their configuration choices. RPM no longer has karting events and the short track is used for an exotic driving experience and drivers that do not carry road course certification.

Location Information

Raceway Park of the Midlands
19340 Jesup Ave
Pacific Junction, IA 51561
P: 402-306-5015
Raceway Park of the Midlands

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