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Big Mission Motorsports offers seat rentals to qualified drivers in our cars for an opportunity to drive in a race.  Most races are 8-hour in length and require multiple drivers per car.  Drivers typically need to have wheel-to-wheel experience and pass World Racing League's driver requirements. Please contact us so we can review your driving resume and experience.


Success starts with preparation and in the world of endurance racing, this is especially true.  Each car has to endure the harsh conditions and strain of long races. We staff a team of highly skilled automotive technicians that prepare the cars before and during the race. Our proactive parts timeout schedule helps ensure wear and tear is dealt with at the shop and not at the track. However, should an incident occur, we stock significant numbers of spares to help keep the cars going.  What this all equates to is consistent high quality and longer drive time for our customers.


Big Mission is a team that pushes to win. We build our cars to run at the front and execute strategy that results in podium finishes. The 2022 season results included one car that was 2nd in the East Championship and 3rd Nationally. With 17 starts this car found the podium 6 with one victory and no DNFs until the last race of the season. Another car finished 2nd in the West Championship and 5th Nationally. One victory and no DNFs until encountering an outer track barrier at Ozarks.


Big Mission refers to our goal outside of racing. Racing is incredibly fun, and we are fortunate to participate in this avocation. This recognition of our collective fortune, and the economies of scale generated by running a multi-car team, have afforded us an opportunity to help others. Our Big Mission, the real mission, is to use our racing to raise money for three organizations that we respect greatly, and that do wonderful things for this great big community we all live in: Cancer Research Institute and Semper Fi Fund.

We are based in Palmer Lake Colorado where we own and operate Big Mission Automotive. We got our start doing track events such as Porsche club DEs and open lapping, and have gradually progressed into building and driving race cars.


Monument, CO


Contact: Big Mission Motorsports

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