Rad Air Racing

1995 Black Dodge Neon



1995 Black Dodge Neon

1995 Dodge Neon ACR

SOHC 2.0L running on factory ACR ECU

Setrab oil cooler kit

ACR trans with LSD and shorter gearing

Clutchmasters clutch and lightweight flywheel

Redshift Motorsports adjustable coilovers

PT Cruiser swap (bigger front brakes) with Hawk endurance front pads and lower friction rear pads to help prevent lockup

Custom header back exhaust

MOMO seat, fits drivers 5’5” to 6’3”, up to 275lbs

Coolshirt 13qt system

Rugged radio w/ IMSA connector for in car comms.

Flagtronics mounted on dash

Radium Fuel Cell

 B Class

Available Seats

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