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2002 White BMW 3 Series



2002 White BMW 3 Series

Meet Ferdi, our 2002 BMW E46


Our engineers focused on 3 key items during the development. Power to weight ratio, aerodynamic performance and suspension tuning.

Modifications on the powertrain include: Ram air intake, ported head, Schrick camshaft, upgraded valve springs and retainers, underdrive pulleys, balanced engine internals, high flow water pump, engine oil cooler upgrade, equal length headers, custom ECU tuning and much more

Modifications on the Body: extreme light weighting, custom splitter, rear wing, window air deflectors, hood vents, fender vents,...

Modifications on the Chassis include: Fully adjustable MCS shocks, camber adjustors, tuned bushings, Hawk brake pads, ABS, Apex wheels, adjustable sway bars, and suspension tuning by our own vehicle dynamics engineers

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