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2008 Blue Mini Cooper



2008 Blue Mini Cooper

"DB" Cooper

Midwest based

B-Spec or ITB

  • "DB" Cooper was started by David Oliveria in fall 2019 and finished by Frank September 2019.  It was the primary car driven by Frank from September 2019 where it famously sat on the Runoffs Pole.  It is one of the most decorated B-Spec cars in history and has numerous wins and track records.  For the 2021 Indianapolis Runoffs the car was given a livery inspired by Alexander Calder's BMW Art Car

  • Notable B-Spec Results

    • Sat on pole at 2019 Runoffs? 2:22.368

    • Track Record CMP 1:54.102 (current)

    • Track Record Roebling 1:28.336 (current)

    • Track Record Nelson Ledges 1:19.177 (current)

    • Track Record Gateway 1:14.994 (current)

    • Track Record Mid Ohio chicane 1:48.890 (current)

    • 23 Wins/33 Podiums in 47 races






1.6L 40mm Restrictor with Header


Race Weight

Min 2545# including 200# driver empty tank and no ballast



Annual maintenance provided by Detroit Tuned 4/21

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