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2008 Black/Gold BMW 3 Series



2008 Black/Gold BMW 3 Series

2008 BMW E92 Coupe, Automatic Sport Transmission, OMP Steering Wheel and Disconnect with Push to Talk Comms., Large Wink Mirror, Ungraded Engine Cooling System, Apex 17X9 Wheels with Hankook 255/40/17 200TW, Hawk Racing Pads, Bilstein Shocks & Struts, H&R Race Springs, OMP HTE-R Full Containment Seat, Sabelt Endurance Race Harness, Fire Sense Suppression System, CoolShirt, IMSA Comms., Garmin Catalyst with video recording and Longacre Racing Products Large Drink Holder.

ChampCar Endurance Series Class C

Sebring Dec. 2023 In Car Cam:

Driver Height & Build: We have tested a driver as tall as '6-2 and a female as short as '5 who could just touch the gas peddle and push the brake peddle fully without a seat cushion (for safety and comfort a seat cushion is need). The OMP HTE-R Full Containment Seat is a snug fit and may not be suitable for all body types. The seat is fixed & non adjustable. The steering wheel is tilt and telescopic. Fire & Safety cut off are in reach for all drivers.

Mandatory Crash Damage Deposit $3000 (see optional crash insurance plan)

Most experienced driver takes the first stint down to least experienced. Driver Vetting: You Must Have Participated In / Competed In a minimum of 2 Verified Races (ChampCar, WRL, SCCA, Sanctioned Karting History etc.), Professional Road Race School Certificate Holders will be acceptded on a case by case and HPDE Drivers Must have 20 plus Verifiable Advanced HPDE hours/events. All Potential Drivers Must have verifiable in car racing video (ex.YouTube).

A Positive Attitude and Good Personality are key factors!


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                                           Race Packing List for ChampCar Endurance Series:

Administrative items:
Most Important don’t forget your Driver’s license! You are required to show it in order to race!
ChampCar Endurance Series Membership will increase to $75 for 2024, make sure your membership is
valid so you can be added to our team as a driver.
Technical Information Driver & Crew:
Waiver and Gear Check Agreement: Log into your membership portal and complete the Waiver. Once
that is completed, continue to the Gear Check Agreement and complete it. Once done, you can collect
your event wristband and helmet decal from registration at the race. This waiver and agreement are
done once a year
Helmet Comms. to Communicate with our crew.
Most Equipment is available from they offer a 10% discount code for Champcar
Trac-Com IMSA Coiled Cable Helmet Kit
Trac-Com Foam Earbuds
3.10.1. An undamaged full-face helmet, displaying Snell Type SA2015 or SA2020, or FIA certification is
required. Note: Snell Type M helmets (motorcycle) or other non-SA helmets are not rated for fire
resistance and are not allowed.
3.10.2. All helmets expire 11 years after the date of certification.
3.10.3. Helmets showing any sign of abuse or accident damage shall not be used during a ChampCar
3.10.4. Any driver with a helmet found with an altered or counterfeit Snell sticker shall be banned from
that event.
3.10.5. Sharing helmets between team members is very highly discouraged.
3.11.1. An undamaged FIA and/or SFI approved racing neck restraint system is mandatory.
3.11.2. SFI approved neck restraint systems must display a valid SFI conformance sticker. Devices must
be recertified every 5 years per SFI 38.1
3.11.3. FIA approved neck restraint systems must display a valid FIA conformance sticker. FIA devices do
not require recertification, however FIA guidance per Standard 8858-2010 must be followed.
3.12.1. Condition Any clothing which is worn, frayed, torn, has holes, grease/oil stains or any other conditions
that reduce or negate the item’s designed effectiveness shall NOT be used during a ChampCar event.
3.12.2. Fire Suit and Undergarments An FIA and/or SFI Certified racing suit is required. All drivers' suits possessing a valid FIA and/or SFI certification shall be allowed, regardless of
date of certification or manufacture. If using a single-layer SFI 3.2/A1 or 3.2/A3 suit, the driver must also wear fire retardant SFI- or
FIA- certified undergarments. Multilayer suits rated SFI 3.2/A5 or higher are highly recommended and
may be worn without undergarments.
3.12.3. Gloves, Socks, and Shoes Fire retardant FIA and/or SFI certified gloves, socks, and shoes are required. All gloves, socks, and shoes possessing a valid FIA and/or SFI certification shall be allowed,
regardless of date of certification or manufacture.
3.12.4. Balaclava FIA and/or SFI rated Balaclavas are strongly encouraged but are not
mandatory. Balaclavas are required for drivers with beards, or drivers with long hair that is not fully
covered by their helmet. Hair protruding from beneath a driver’s helmet shall be completely covered by
fire resistant material. As an alternative to balaclavas, a full SFI or FIA rated helmet skirt may be used.
Cooling: Optional, but highly recommended
Coolshirt Cool Water Shirt: tee shirt or long sleeve with or without fire rating.
Longacre Bottle, large capacity with Bite valve Part No. 52-22556 (note only water is allowed in car)
We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on race days along with snacks and drinks throughout the day.
Clothing, Lodging and transport
Clothing: Plan for the weather! We race rain or shine! Check out the lows and highs for the forecast of
the race venue and prepare for both. This list does not include season-specific items - winter coat and
warm gloves, for example - but at every race you should have these things:
• Extra socks
• Extra shoes
• Rain shell or jacket
• Hat
• Gloves
• Towels
• Toothbrush & Paste
Clothing: Long pants are required on the cold and hot pit lane. No shorts! Closed toed shoes are also
Lodging and transportation will be each driver's responsibility.
If you have any questions, please ask.

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